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smile for me...

the Ueto Aya lj fan community

上戸彩 Ueto Aya
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The LJ 上戸彩 fan community
» about uetoaya_shi
Thank you for coming to uetoaya_shi! ♥ This community is all about Ueto Aya, Japanese actress/singer. This is a place for fans made by the fans.

» Ueto Aya
# Name: 上戸彩 Ueto Aya
# Birthdate: 1985-Sep-14
# Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
# Height: 162cm
# Star sign: Virgo
# Blood type: O
# Talent agency: Oscar Promotion

-Rules and others
-- All entries must be related to Aya.
-- No flaming/bashing/spamming is allowed.
-- Posts containing media downloads should be member-locked.
-- Join the community to view every entry.
--- Please support Aya by purchasing her materials.
-- Place large images or lengthy posts under a cut.
-- Tag your entries according to the ones that already exist. Try not to create new tags.

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